Forgiveness Starts With You – Part III

In parts I & II of this lesson, we learn that you must first forgive yourself and we must learn to forgive others if we want God’s forgiveness. God is ready and willing to forgive you for any and everything you have ever done in life. I know we may have done some really bad things and yes you too deserve God’s forgiveness. It doesn’t matter if you were a murderer and conspirator like Paul (Saul) or practiced sexual sin like David, God will still forgive you no matter what you done.

Saul of Tarsus was well-known for his brutality toward Christians. In many instances he he would drag Christians out of their homes and throw them in jail (Acts 8:3). He was changed on the road to Damascus when he encountered Jesus and that changed his life forever. Although Saul changed and even had his name changed to Paul, many still didn’t accept his change and were afraid of him (Acts 9:26).  Although people didn’t want to forgive, God forgave Paul and even charged him to author more books of the bible than any other.

King David was so full of lust that he had a man killed (Uriah) so that he could cover up an affair he had with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba. While Uriah was in battle, David secretly slept with his wife and Bathsheba was impregnated. To cover up his sin, David placed Uriah on the front battle line to ensure he would be killed in battle. Even after David did all this, God still forgave him and eventually David’s seed Solomon would be the builder of God’s temple. David was so well like by God, that he was described as being a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14).

There are times when things seem hopeless because we feel we did some heinous thing, but God doesn’t care about what you did, he cares about what you are doing now. We all have a past and have done many things in which we are ashamed. If you are willing to change your life (Acts 3:19) and repent from those heinous acts, God is ready to forgive you. Many will never let you forget your past, but God provides you a second chance for a better life. Leave the past in the past and move forward with your life, you deserve happiness and joy.

Forgiveness starts with you, are you ready to forgive yourself? Are you ready to forgive others? God is ready and able to forgive you, are you ready to ask for forgiveness? As long as you have breath, you can be forgiven, all you have to do is ask (1 John 1:9).



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