Let Them Smell the Roses

Often when we go to funeral we hear kind words about the decedent. Everyone has a good story on how they lived and loved. While there is nothing wrong with that, the deceased loved one can’t respond to your words, so why wait?

Why do we wait till our loved ones are dead and gone before we nurture them with love? If they were kind, sweet, honest, loving, caring and sincere – let them know now! Love them as much in life as you do at the funeral service.

Before they pass to the other side, share your kind words, thoughts and deeds. Let your loved one experience your fervent affection while they can enjoy it. If they mean anything to you in life, don’t wait to tell them. Life is way too short (James 4:14) to wait on complementing and encouraging our loved ones.

Start right now by letting all those you love experience the smell of that rose. We never know our last day and tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so today may be all you have to simply say, “I Love You”.  Take advantage of your opportunity to let them smell the roses!

One thought on “Let Them Smell the Roses

  1. I definitely agree! It’s always the person balling the loudest at the funeral with the biggest bag of regret too.


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