Each Day is a New Opportunity


In life, we have good and bad days, but no matter what, each day presents a new opportunity. Life is hard with so many issues to deal with: death, disease, bills, finances natural disasters and so much more.

No matter we go through the previous day, the next day is brand new. A bad circumstance one day, can be a powerful testimony the next day.  When times get tough, we can’t give up because it’s hard or things did not go our way. In fact, when times seem the toughest is when you may be experiencing a breakthrough.

Take each day one at a time and learn from previous errors. We must take responsibility for our actions and apply lessons learned to improve our lives and the lives of others. Remember a continually mistake is just a bad decision in disguise ( 2 Peter 2:22).

Wake up with a positive attitude, because you woke up, which means you have another opportunity for a new day. Dwelling on negativity or the past will limit your future because whatever happened you cannot change it. Since you can’t change the past, focus on a better future because each day is a new opportunity!

One thought on “Each Day is a New Opportunity

  1. I couldn’t have said this any better! You are 100% spot on! Dwelling on the past is a sure way to stop whatever good tidings are waiting for you in the present. I always think of it like swinging on vines: if you’re too busy holding on to what’s behind you, you’ll never move forward.


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