Faith No Matter What Happens

There are times when life beats you down. Other times, we have to deal with something totally unexpected and we tend accentuate the bad and forget the good altogether. 

We may get an unfavorable diagnosis at the doctor’s office, or get laid off from a job, or have issues with your children. All these situations can be difficult to deal with as we all know, life is hard. No matter how bad the situation, we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us (Philippians 4:13)

There are times when we can’t see beyond our current situation, that’s the carnal side getting the best of you. We must always know , life is full of troubles (Job 14:1). Since trouble is unavoidable, we must find ways to deal with our problems. Because even in your greatest trouble, you still have a reason to rejoice!

You may be asking, how can I rejoice when my life is in turmoil? How can I rejoice when I just lost my job, how can I rejoice when I received news of a death of a loved one, I was recently evicted, my car was repossessed, I had to go to jail, I just got divorced-how can I still rejoice?

Troubles in life only prepared you for bigger challenges (James 1:2-6). Jesus himself learned from the things he suffered. God never promised we wouldn’t have any issues, he only promised that he will be with us NO MATTER WHAT we go through (Matthew 28:20). 

NO MATTER WHAT you are going through, you have a great God that can help you get through anything and will always be there, keep the faith NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!

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