Woman of the House, are you fulfilling your role as a woman of God?

As the women of the house, God has gifted you with certain abilities and responsibilities. When thinking of mothers the world defines motherhood as the main caretaker, advisor, homemaker, nourishing, and in-home doctor. 

Whenever children need a kind touch or thoughtful acts, one often looks to the mother. As the cradle of society, the mother’s role is equally important as the dad’s. In fact, today’s households have more woman leading than 
ever before as many men have failed to fulfill their role.

As the ideal home would have the father leading, in single parent homes, often the mother is the leader. One of the roles given by God is to teach younger girls, how to become young ladies (Titus 2:4-5). Being a walking example of what the young lady should be as an adult, women have an especially important role. 

The role of the mother is critical for future generations to come in knowing how to love, keep a home and be obedient to God. The nourishing love of a mother (1 Thessalonians 2:7) is one of the most important aspects to the social development of a child.

The world may tell you, you don’t need a man, but God has different instruction. God thinks marriage is honorable and women to submit to their husband in everything (Ephesians 5:22-24).

You have an important role as mother to nurture and teach your children in the admiration of the Lord.  As a  wife, you are to be a helpmate (Genesis 2:18) and submissive mate of your husband. You are to love and cherish him all the days of your life. As leader of household without husband, you are to be a walking example of love.

 Are you fulfilling your role as a women of God? 


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