Power of Positive Words

In the 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto presented research to prove the power of words. He used an experiment using containers of water to determine the impact of positive and negative words has on living organisms. He simply spoke positive and inspiring words to one glass of water and spoke only negative things to another glass of water.

The impact of words were astounding as Dr. Emoto hired photographers to capture the results of his findings. The glass of water in which only positive vibes were spoken, was crystal clear. You could see through the container as it resembled a crystal clear lake.

On the other hand, the water that heard only negative things was dark and very cloudy. The water was negatively impacted in a major way just by hearing negative words. Once could not see through the container as it resembled murky swamp water.

You may ask, why does this matter? The human body is over 60% of water. Keep this in mind while considering the results of Dr. Emoto’s experiment.  Words are extremely powerful, it’s time to consider our own glasses, our own embodiment. If negativity has such much impact on water and our bodies are mostly water, how do you think that will impact you?

Each and every day explore and accentuate the positive as it matters. Either your mind will be crystal clear like the glass of positive vibes or murky like a swamp. We must continually stay positive and surround ourselves with positively.

Stop living in the murkiness of the swamp and choose a life that is crystal clear, full of possibilities. Life in the murk is a life unfulfilled, unrewarded and unproductive. Chose a life of abundance, a life in the crystal clear.

Do you speak in the positively or negatively? Just know, your mind, body, and spirit are at stake. Always know, the choice is yours. Speak positiveness in your life to gain positive results!

One thought on “Power of Positive Words

  1. AMAZING! I’ve never heard of this study! I’ve heard of a similar one with plants and of course the results were the same. Shows you the power of “positive vibes”. Great article!!!


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