Move Forward, You Can’t Go Back

Often in life we glorify our past and talk about what we used to do. We brag on how great our life was. Some even hold on to the past, failing to secure a future. Remember this, if you take one step forward, then one step back, you will wind up going nowhere.

Remembering the past is inevitable and can help you avoid similar mistakes, but living in the past will block your future goals. That is why you must MOVE FORWARD, YOU CAN’T GO BACK.

No matter how glorious or meager your past was, it’s the past and must not stop you now. There are both positive and negative things that happened, you simply must move on from. So what you were the prom queen or star high school athlete, how will that help you now?

Are your greatest days in the past and if so, why? You can achieve greatness right now, once you decided to MOVE FORWARD because YOU CAN’T GO BACK! Since you are not able to go back and relive the past, what are you going to do for your future?

The future is not in the past, it is waiting to happen, it is waiting for you to make it happen. No matter your past, MOVE FORWARD, YOU CAN’T GO BACK!

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