Characteristics of the Perfect Evangelist

Preaching to Practice

I am a Christian. That simple fact places me
under a life-long obligation, not only to live my own life according to the
divine revelation of God, but also to share it with others. Everyone has sinned
therefore everyone needs salvation from sin to truly fulfill their purpose in
life and enjoy fellowship with the Creator for eternity. If I am to truly
please God and put on the mind of Christ, I must remember what I have been
given and desire that all may have the same blessings I have. However, there
has only ever been one perfect Evangelist in the history of mankind, and it is
definitely not me. If I am required to share the gospel with the lost, I am
also required to continually improve myself as an evangelist that I may be more
effective in that effort. I will never be perfect, but I should…

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